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This is a prototype open data portal for the Greater Savannah region to demonstrate the use of open-source technology as an easy-to-use solution for displaying public data. While this project most likely would be most feasible under an Open Data Directive from a government official, the case for its adoption should be made locally agency-by-agency beforehand.

It is built using Drupal 7, and allows administrators to assign roles and groups per agency. For example, the individual in charge of data collection/curation at a given government agency might be assigned to a group for that agency's data or to a larger group of domain-specific data that is topical in nature. By following the documentation (/about), he/she should be able to upload data to the site in any machine-readable format in a few clicks. Geospatial data will automatically be mapped by the Leaflet library, and tabular data (.csv, .xls, .tsv, JSON) is automatically processed by the DKAN Dataset module so that users or agencies can quickly visualize it in a variety of common interactive chart types.

We are currently seeking our first beta users willing to demo the platform and provide usability feedback, both in local government agencies and among the general public. Email to express interest in becoming a beta user of the platform.